Coordination: Eduardo Massad (FGV EMAp)

Abstract: Violence, understood in its broad sense, can be defined as “aggression by external causes”. In general, there are essentially two types of violence: intentional (crimes) and unintentional (accidents). This division has support in the concepts proposed by Flamínio Favero of “criminal” and “accidental”. For purposes of legal liability, these categories are classified as “intentional” and “negligent”. The study “Global Burden of Disease 2016”, published in volume 390, pp. 1083-1464, of the magazine The Lancet, calculated the total number of yearly deaths by violence in the world at 4.6 million, of them 1.5 million due to traffic accidents, 1.8 million due to unintentional injuries, 1.2 million by interpersonal violence, and 162 thousand due to natural disasters. The same study calculated the 20 number of disability-adjusted life-years (DALYs) due to the various forms of violence in the world as 255 million, of them 78 million by traffic accidents, 107 million caused by unintentional injuries, 59 million by interpersonal violence and 11 million by natural disasters. In absolute numbers, Brazil occupies second place in the world in deaths caused by interpersonal violence and twelfth in deaths normalized per 100 thousand inhabitants. The economic impacts of violence in Brazil still need to be estimated with some degree of precision, and this study will supply rational bases for reliable economic calculation. Besides this, it will provide support for possible alteration of Brazil’s Penal Code and Code of Criminal Sentencing. Therefore, the present project intends to construct databases, as well as optimize and integrate existing databases, to store and recover data of interest for formulating public policies. Mathematical optimization models will be constructed for strategies to reduce the levels of violence in Brazil, as well as its costs in terms of lives lost and economic performance. The project will count on the participation of the Center for Data Science of New York University (USA), University of Coimbra (Portugal), University of Derby (United Kingdom), York University (Canada) and the Department of Legal Medicine of the University of São Paulo (USP).

Collaborators: Jorge Poco (FGV EMAp), Moacyr Alvim Horta Barbosa da Silva (FGV EMAp), Silvia Martorano Raimundo (USP), Raphael Ximenes (Postdoc, University Health Network, UHN, Canadá), Luis Gustavo Nonato (USP-ICMC), David Greenhalgh (University of Strathchlyde, UK), Kyle Treiber (University of Cambridge, UK)

Funding: Programa Institucional de Internacionalização – CAPES –PrInt e Rede de Pesquisa e Conhecimento Aplicado da FGV.