Committee for assessment

Applied Mathematics School (EMAP) FGV, created in 2011, is to act in the acquisition and transfer of scientific and technological knowledge of basic mathematics applicable mainly in areas related to social sciences in a broad sense, ie social sciences , history and documentation, law, economics, management and other areas of human knowledge.
The motivation of the Getulio Vargas Foundation (FGV) for the creation of Applied Mathematics School (EMAP) comes from finding a growing interest in the use of mathematical techniques, increasingly sophisticated, together with computational techniques for modeling, extraction, representation , visualization and analysis of data and information on organizational, governmental and social, with direct reflection in the various areas of classical performance of FGV. Along the call phenomenon "information age", we see the lack of specialized professional profiles to meet these needs and challenges presented.
Applied Mathematics School of FGV has a diverse background of teaching staff: mathematicians, engineers, computer scientists and a biologist. This diversity in their context is very relevant and rich with respect to the versatility of applications and contexts of abstraction of the problems presented in practice.
Among the activities of Emap, we can highlight the teaching activities in undergraduate and graduate levels. Also are worth highlighting the research and consulting projects, and institutional partnerships.