Introduction to Programming with the Python

Programming Languages and Object Oriented Programming; Python and other languages; Syntax and semantics of language; Objects: Variables and Functions (methods); Rules for Variable Names Importing modules and namespaces; Namespace collision; Overview of native and operator types and related methods, Examples with numbers and strings; Polymorphism of operators; commands 'dir (var)', type (var) and 'help (var.method)'; Numeric types: int, float, complex; Strings and Lists; Related operators and methods, Indexing, slicing, concatenation of strings and lists, nesting of lists; Print Formating and print function in Python 3; Other container types: tuples, sets, frozensets and dictionaries; Boolean types, logical tests, "" in "" command, operators and related methods; Indexing (in the case of dictionaries); Type conversion; Indentation; List navigation with for, range () and enumerate (); List, Set and Dict Comprehension, Functional programming: map, reduce, filter, zip, all, any, lambda and passing functions as parameters; Classes, methods and attributes, objects, inheritance, Exception handling.

Basic Information

45 hours
High contrast

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