About the workshop
Data science has become a central component in most analytical and decision-making processes. This week long bootcamp presents the foundations of data science, providing a broad and solid introduction to this important field.
Using a hands-on methodology, students will learn in practice how to use mathematical and computational tools to solve real-world problems involving massive data. In particular, students will learn how data science works in practice, and how to face issues in data cleaning, visualization, prediction, and pattern recognition.

Who is this workshop for
Introduction to Data Science is for anyone interested in improving their skills to tackle data problems from industry, government, financial market, and academy. A familiarity with basic statistics, linear algebra, and basic programming skills is desirable, but not mandatory.

Data Science in Practice
Theoretical lectures are followed by practical sessions (Lab classes) using real data. Students are strongly encouraged to bring their laptops to the classes in order to put into practice the learned content. The following softwares will be used during the labs and we recommend to have them installed in your personal computer:

1.  Python 3 and packages: numpy, scipy, matplotlib, sklearn, altair
2. Jupyter Notebook

Event Coordinators

  • Claudio Silva
  •  Luis Gustavo Nonato

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