Alberto Paccanaro

I am Full Professor at the School of Applied Mathematics (EMAp) at FGV in Rio de Janeiro, which I joined in 2020. I obtained my PhD in Computer Science in 2002 from University of Toronto, specializing in Machine Learning under the supervision of Geoffrey Hinton. Between 2002 and 2006 I was a postdoc in Computational Biology, first in Mansoor Saqi’s lab at Queen Mary University of London, and then in Mark Gerstein’s lab at Yale University. I became a PI in 2006, obtaining a Lecturer position at Royal Holloway University of London, where I started my lab ( In 2014 I became Full Professor of Machine Learning and Computational Biology and Director of the Centre for Systems and Synthetic Biology, in the same University. I am visiting professor at the Catholic University of Asuncion (Paraguay) where I lead an outpost of my lab. I have also been visiting professor/fellow at Cornell, Yale and the University of Venice. I am responsible for several international collaborations in the field of Machine Learning applied to Biology and Medicine. I co-direct research grants together with academics at Yale University, Cornell University, University of Tennessee and the Catholic University of Asuncion. Several of my Machine Learning algorithms have been published in Journals such as Nature, Nature Methods, Nature Communications, Cell, PNAS.



Full Professor

Areas of interest: 

Machine Learning
Artificial Intelligence
Computational Biology
Systems Biology
Network Medicine
System Pharmacology