41st José Reis Award for Scientific Dissemination.

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As per the information below, on the CNPq website, registration is now open to compete for the 41st José Reis Award for Scientific Dissemination.

  • Regulation link: http://premios.cnpq.br/web/pjr/regulamento
  • Information about the Award: http://www.premiojosereis.cnpq.br/web/pjr

The National Council for Scientific and Technological Development (CNPq) opened the registration for the 41st José Reis Award for Scientific and Technological Dissemination, one of the main recognitions to professionals and institutions that contribute to the dissemination of Brazilian science.

This year, the edition includes the category “Institution and Communication Vehicle”, aimed at collective communication vehicles and teaching and / or research institutions, science and technology centers and museums, governmental, cultural bodies, non-governmental organizations and public or private companies. The objective is to reward the work and make knowledge about Science, Technology, Innovation and its advances accessible to the public. The closing date for entries is June 10, 2021.

To participate, the candidate must send the filled-out registration form by mail, available on the Award website (http://premios.cnpq.br/web/pjr), curriculum updated in 2021 on the Lattes Platform (http: //lattes.cnpq .br), justification that shows a significant contribution to the dissemination and popularization of science, technology, innovation and its advances; and works that prove their performance.

The winner wins a trophy, diploma and tickets to participate in the Annual Meeting of the Brazilian Society for the Progress of Science (SBPC) in the National Month of Science, Technology and Innovation (MNCTI), in October 2021.

Complete information on the prize regulations.

The prize

The José Reis Award for Scientific and Technological Dissemination is individual and is attributed on a rotation basis to one of the three categories: "Journalist in Science and Technology", "Institution or Communication Vehicle" and "Researcher and Writer".

Its creation, in 1978, represents a tribute to the doctor, researcher, journalist and educator, José Reis, who managed to combine an important career as an internationally renowned researcher with the work of explaining science in a didactic way through the press.

The diversity of the winners - including communication vehicles, research institutions, television program teams, as well as researchers and their individual works - proves the importance of the José Reis Award to motivate the creation of the most different mechanisms for scientific and technological dissemination. .

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