ABC member is featured in FGV EMAp’s new Aula Magna

Gregório Pacelli, from the Federal University of Ceará, will present an unmissable class at FGV on the particularities of the number π

Next Tuesday (7), professor Gregório Pacelli, from the Federal University of Ceará (UFC), is the guest for a master class at the School of Applied Mathematics at Fundação Getulio Vargas (FGV EMAp). The theme will be Ubiquitous π (pi) and all students at the institution are welcome at the presentation that starts at 3pm (Brasília time) on the 12th Floor of FGV, in Rio de Janeiro.

Aula magna do Professor Gregório Pacelli será destaque na FGV EMAp

Master class by Professor Gregório Pacelli will be featured at FGV EMAp

Professor of the Department of Mathematics at UFC, Pacelli intends to present Archimedes' method to stimulate the number π and the estimates of Viete and Ceulen using the process. Next, the mathematician will cite Newton's method for estimating π, which retired the trick used by civilization for 2,000 years.

Graduated in Mathematics from UFC, where he also completed his Master's degree, Pacelli completed his PhD in the area from the State University of New York, in Stony Brook, USA, in the early 1990s. He completed several post-doctoral periods at famous institutes research centers, such as the Max Planck Mathematics Institute, in Bonn, Germany, the International Center for Theoretical Physics, in Italy, and the Universities of Murcia, in Spain, and Pennsylvania, also in the USA.

His research involves Differential Geometry and Geometric Analysis, with special emphasis on the study of the Laplacian spectrum of minimum submanifolds, the relations of the weak maximum principle and Stochastic Geometry.

In 2019, Professor Gregório was elected permanent member of the Brazilian Academy of Sciences (ABC) in the area of Mathematical Sciences. His experiences at the academy promise a very productive class that will benefit students from across the School.


Gregório Pacelli's master class will be given next Tuesday, the 7th, at 3pm (Brasília time), on the 12th Floor of FGV, in Praia de Botafogo, nº 190.

For those interested in FGV EMAp, there is no need to register in advance. Just show up on the day to follow the class.

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