FGV EMAp is praised by the scientific community at BrazOpt 2024

Structure and organization of the 14th Brazilian Continuous Optimization Workshop were points highlighted by several cutting-edge researchers from across the planet

Last Saturday (9), the 14th edition of the Brazilian Continuous Optimization Workshop, BrazOpt 2024, ended in Rio de Janeiro. For the first time, one of the most important events in the area in the country was hosted at the Fundação Getulio Vargas School of Applied Mathematics (FGV EMAp), which was attended by 107 participants in total, including 55 cutting-edge speakers from across the planet.

BrazOpt 2024 foi realizado na FGV EMAp e contou com mais de 100 participantes ao longo da semana - Foto: Divulgação

BrazOpt 2024 was held at FGV EMAp and had more than 100 participants throughout the week

During the six days of BrazOpt, FGV hosted conferences, plenary sessions and presentations of the highest level within the scope of Continuous Optimization. The themes brought theoretical, computational and implementation debates between researchers and many students, including representatives of the Applied Mathematics course (MAp) at FGV. 

Reference researchers in the area

Of the several leading researchers gathered at FGV over the last week, Belgian Philippe Toint stood out, one of the main experts in the computational area of ​​Continuous Optimization. For the researcher from the University of Namur, the FGV EMAp initiative is very valid, as it encourages the exchange of knowledge and reinforces Brazil's role as one of the greatest powers in the segment

Belga Philippe Toint foi um dos destaques do BrazOpt 2024 e aprovou a organização - Foto: Divulgação

Belgian Philippe Toint was one of the highlights of BrazOpt 2024 and approved the organization

“Scientific meetings are always important and the fact of having a large Optimization community in Brazil and South America gives the opportunity to organize an event that includes cutting-edge researchers from other parts of the world. This exchange of ideas is very important, which reinforces joint collaboration and also offers a golden chance for young people to have contact with senior scientists”, assessed Toint.

For the Belgian, the presentations and works of Brazilian researchers are not inferior in quality and content to any other continent. “These are all high-level jobs. All of us researchers work according to an international standard and Brazilian standards are as good as those of any country in the world, whether in Europe or elsewhere. The event was of excellent quality”, he added.

FGV at the epicenter of Brazilian science

Professor at FGV EMAp and specialist in Optimization, Alfredo Noel Iusem led the BrazOpt 2024 Organizing Committee, continuing the work carried out since the event's creation in 1998. For him, FGV only increases its importance in the national and international scenario of area by hosting more than 50 high-level speakers over the past week.

Professor Alfredo Noel Iusem foi o chair do 14º BrazOpt, que foi realizado na FGV EMAp em 2024 - Foto: Divulgação

Professor Alfredo Noel Iusem was the chair of the 14th BrazOpt, which was held at FGV EMAp in 2024

“The evolution of BrazOpt follows the evolution of the area. FGV EMAp is very happy to have the privilege of hosting this event, as it is interested in hosting reference meetings in the area. EMAp has a goal of international events to be fulfilled and it does so, bringing the best events in the area of ​​Optimization, which is consolidated in Brazil and is one of the most important areas of Applied Mathematics. The 2024 edition took place in the most organized way possible”, he assessed.

Douglas Soares Gonçalves, Professor of the Department of Mathematics at the Federal University of Santa Catarina (UFSC), participated in its second edition of BrazOpt and approved the organization of the event in 2024. For him, it was gratifying to see long-time colleagues and catch up on Optimization trends at the international level.

Professor Douglas Soares Gonçalves, da UFSC, participou de seu 2º BrazOpt - Foto: Divulgação

Professor Douglas Soares Gonçalves, from UFSC, participated in his 2nd BrazOpt

“This event is very important, because it ends up bringing world-leading speakers in the field. It's an opportunity to stay on top of trends around the world in the area of ​​Continuous Optimization. Science is based on collaboration and interaction between several researchers from around the world. The quality of the lectures was very high, bringing the most modern, especially with Philippe Toint, and possibilities for future research and directions for the community to explore”, he explained.

Exchange of experiences on Brazilian soil

The participation of several renowned speakers at BrazOpt only enhances Brazilian science in the field of Applied Mathematics. This is what Professor Luís Felipe Cesar da Rocha Bueno, from the Federal University of São Paulo (UNIFESP), says.

Professor Luís Felipe Cesar da Rocha Bueno, da UNIFESP, aprovou o intercâmbio de ideias relacionadas à Otimização no evento - Foto: Divulgação

Professor Luís Felipe Cesar da Rocha Bueno, from UNIFESP, approved the exchange of ideas related to Optimization at the event

“At this event, we have cutting-edge researchers in Continuous Optimization and its applications are alive in the area of ​​Data Science. It is a true exchange of information and, in Mathematics, we need this exchange. Here, we can publicize our ideas and see what important researchers in the world are doing. Their recognition of the event, the praise, the interaction and the experience only elevate Brazilian science abroad and create opportunities for us”, he highlights, who is also a researcher at the Center for Mathematical Sciences Applied to Industry (CeMEAI).

The possibility of studying at the institution that became the nucleus of Continuous Optimization in Brazil for a week made Caio Fernandes Lins Peixoto from Minas Gerais, a recent graduate in Applied Mathematics from FGV EMAp, enjoy the lectures throughout the event. For him, having the opportunity to witness famous researchers in the field is another sign that he made the right decision by choosing to study at the School.

Aluno Caio Fernandes Lins Peixoto, da FGV EMAp, acompanhou a série de atividades do BrazOpt ao longo da semana - Foto: Divulgação/Start Assessoria

Student Caio Fernandes Lins Peixoto, from FGV EMAp, followed BrazOpt's series of activities throughout the week

“Here, at FGV EMAp, support for students is very strong. The management and teachers care a lot about us being successful in what we want to be. There are people who go to the academic field, like me, others go to the market, to do an internship from an early age. The student is very stimulated and often manages to accelerate their development. And an event like BrazOpt, for us, is like a cherry on the cake”, analyzed the student.

The event

BrazOpt 2024 was organized by FGV EMAp and was funded by the Coordination for the Improvement of Higher Education Personnel (CAPES), the National Council for Scientific and Technological Development (CNPq), the Carlos Chagas Filho Foundation for Research Support in the State of Rio de Janeiro (FAPERJ), the São Paulo State Research Support Foundation (FAPESP) and the International Mathematical Union (IMU).

The first edition of BrazOpt was held in 1998, in Florianópolis, due to a demand in the area of ​​Continuous Optimization in Brazil. The event arose as a consequence of an initiative of the Support Program for Centers of Excellence (PRONEX), of the current Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation (MCTI), encouraging research and scientific development in highly competent groups in their sector. performance.

The idea was to create a forum for discussing topics related to one of the main branches of Applied Mathematics. The 14th edition of BrazOpt, at FGV EMAp, was the first after the COVID-19 pandemic.

High contrast

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