Researcher at FGV EMAp, Jorge Poco receives the Test of Time Awards from IEEE VIS 2023

FGV EMAp's Researcher Jorge Poco has been awarded the Test of Time Awards by IEEE VIS 2023 for the paper, Visual Exploration of Big Spatio-Temporal Urban Data: A Study of New York City Cab Trips, published in 2013.

The IEEE VIS Test of Time Award is an accolade given to recognize articles published at previous conferences whose contents are still vibrant and useful today and have had a major impact and influence within and beyond the visualization community.

During the IEEE VIS conference, we encourage today's researchers to use the best articles from the past to inform their work in the future through the Test of Time (ToT) Awards. We're building on our heritage to establish an ambitious future by making it clear at the very start of the conference that we want current participants to aspire to write papers that will be relevant in 10 or 20 years."

“This paper is one of the landmark papers in urban data visualization, making several truly impressive contributions, including query language developments and the seamless integration of data querying to handle real-world, large-scale data. Utilizing taxi records from New York City, the authors engage with economists and traffic engineers to demonstrate the power of their framework. With a few case studies, they explore the economic incentives of taxi locations and how traffic patterns impact demand patterns. These contributions have situated this paper as a seminal work in urban analytics, with many citations in visualization, urban planning, and transportation journals, making a clear impact within and outside the VIS community. The impact of this work is also expressed in the tremendous number of citations this paper has received thus far and still receives today.”

The full article is available at this link:  http://visualdslab.com/papers/TaxiVis/


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