Júlio César Chaves

I worked as a Database Administrator for 20 years, which facilitated research with large volumes of data. In 2018, I defended my thesis at COPPE/UFRJ, asserting that it is possible to infer origin-destination matrices through cell phone call records. A database of phone calls covering the year 2014 was used to estimate the matrices on a daily basis, revealing ordinary and extraordinary mobility behavior in the Metropolitan Region of Rio de Janeiro. Data from the 2010 Census were utilized to adjust for population expansion factors. Inferring the user's residence enabled the conception of two common transport matrices: Home-Based All (HBA) and Non-Home Based (NHB). Changes in population habits were detected as a result of long holidays. The transport database was used to validate the trip count, and the results were found to be compatible with official estimates.

Areas of interest: 

  • Ciências Exatas e da Terra 
  • Ciência da Computação 
  • Sistemas de Computação
  • Metodologia e Técnicas da Computação
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