Suzana de Siqueira Santos

Since 2020, I am a postdoc fellow at FGV-EMAp under supervision of Prof. Alberto Paccanaro. I obtained my degrees of bachelor (2012), master (2015), and PhD (2020) in computer science at the Institute of Mathematics and Statistics, University of São Paulo. Both my master and doctoral thesis were supervised by Prof. André Fujita. During my masters, I developed a statistical test to compare gene co-expression networks. I won the third place at the XXIII Latin American Master's Thesis Contest, XLII Latin American Conference on Informatics - CLEI 2016, and the best poster of Software and development, at the X-meeting 2015 - 11th International Conference of the AB3C + Brazilian Symposium of Bioinformatics. Later, in my doctorate, I did a research internship at the Laboratory of Probability, Statistics and Modeling, Sorbonne University, under supervision of Prof. Catherine Matias. We proved the consistency of a parameter estimation procedure for random graphs developed by our research group, which is based on the spectral density. I also studied properties of the largest eigenvalue of random graphs and applied this knowledge to the analysis of brain functional networks. I am currently working with computational biology problems. In particular, I am developing network medicine and machine learning approaches for drug repositioning for COVID-19.

Areas of interest: 

  • Computational biology
  • Network medicine
  • Systems biology
  • Machine learning
  • Random graphs
  • Graph spectral theory
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