Data Science and Artificial Intelligence

Course duration
4 years

About the program

Data Science is an interdisciplinary research field characterized using scientific methods, primarily computational, statistical, and mathematical, to develop algorithms aimed at extracting knowledge from a large volume of data. For example, this includes analyzing thousands of texts from court judgments to determine the coherence of their decisions.

The data scientist is the professional responsible for uncovering these hidden insights within vast datasets.

Artificial Intelligence encompasses a set of computational, mathematical, and engineering techniques aimed at training computers to simulate human activities. By extension, this term also applies to processes that were once thought to be exclusive to humans, such as self-driving cars and smart homes.

Machine learning is a subfield of artificial intelligence that enables computers to learn from data or past experiences without being explicitly programmed for it. These techniques enable them to improve their algorithms by testing them first with established data and progressively approaching a solution to the proposed problem with each iteration.

All of this makes Data Science and Artificial Intelligence one of the most attractive professions of the moment.

FGV EMAp was a pioneering institution in Brazil to offer an undergraduate program in Data Science and Artificial Intelligence. In 2023, it will graduate its first class. FGV EMAp remains one of the few Brazilian institutions that provide the opportunity to acquire internationally acclaimed professional education in this field.

Why Choose FGV EMAp?

The undergraduate program in Data Science offered by FGV EMAp aims to ensure that all graduates have the necessary tools to make the best professional choices and build their own productive and creative career path. To achieve this, the course includes workshops focused on the development of professional skills and competencies, the use of participatory methods in the classroom, and opportunities for international exchange. The undergraduate program also features a faculty composed of professors from some of the most respected international and national institutions.

Where to Work?

  • Multinational corporations and startups
  • Retail and e-commerce
  • Technology companies
  • Consulting firms
  • Financial sector: Investment banks, Fintechs, Commercial banks, Pension funds
  • Pharmaceutical and healthcare industry
  • Public positions in federal, state, and municipal governments.

FGV Differentials


FGV Main Office

Praia de Botafogo, 190 Rio de Janeiro - RJ. Zip Code: 22250-900 Phone: +55 21 3799-5917 E-mail: emap@fgv.br

Ombudsman FGV

Data Science and Artificial Intelligence


The curriculum of the Data Science and Artificial Intelligence program encompasses very diverse disciplines and provides knowledge of wide applicability.







Partial Time Professors

Manuals, Norms and Regulations

Here are collected all the pedagogical documents of the undergraduate program in Data Sciences and Artificial Intelligence at FGV. All the following documents are in Portuguese.

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