Applied Mathematics

Course duration
4 years

About the program

The School of Applied Mathematics at FGV (FGV EMAp) offers high-quality and contemporary education that combines traditional mathematics with statistics and computing techniques, creating opportunities for the development of new technologies and addressing various real-life problems that require the use of advanced mathematics.

FGV EMAp boasts a team of over 30 excellent, highly prepared professors with diverse backgrounds. This diversity allows our students to explore a wide range of topics where Mathematics, Statistics, and Computing can be applied, such as Engineering, Economics, Finance, Epidemiology, Law, among others. All FGV EMAp professors teach undergraduate courses at the institution.

FGV EMAp encourages undergraduate students in Applied Mathematics to participate in summer activities, particularly by taking consecutive-year courses like Topology and Algebraic Structures: Groups and Rings, in addition to a variety of mathematical disciplines important in applications, such as Numerical Analysis, Data Structures and Algorithms, Stochastic Processes, Statistics, Optimization, Programming Languages and others, this ensures that the acquired mathematical education covers all topics usually taught in pure mathematics undergraduate programs.

FGV is opening applications for the Double Degree Program for students currently enrolled in undergraduate programs at FGV EBAPE, FGV DIREITO, FGV EMAp, and FGV CDDOC for the first academic semester of 2024.

Furthermore, students are encouraged to engage in research initiation projects under the guidance of our professors or to advance into more specialized branches of Mathematics and Computer Science. Advanced course tracks are offered to students as optional choices starting from the second semester.

Our graduates become proficient in working in strategic sectors of both public and private companies, such as banks and consulting firms, with a very high employability rate. They are also well-equipped to engage in academic research.  

Disciplinary axes

Mathematics, Computing and Mathematical Modeling.

Topics of Interest

  • Modeling socioeconomic systems;
  • Formal knowledge representations;
  • Extraction, analysis and visualization of large data;
  • Text processing and analysis;
  • Support for the creation of public policies in Health, Security, Demography, Urban Planning, among other areas;
  • Environmental monitoring;
  • Finance and Insurance.

MEC assessment

Since it was created in 2007, the General Course Index (IGC), published annually by the Ministry of Education (MEC), has evaluated the quality of all undergraduate and stricto sensu postgraduate courses (master's and doctorate) in each university, university center or college in the country, becoming the most important evaluation index in Brazil.

FGV Differentials

Academia da Matemática

FGV Main Office

Praia de Botafogo, 190 Rio de Janeiro - RJ. Zip Code: 22250-900 Phone: +55 21 3799-5917 E-mail: emap@fgv.br

Ombudsman FGV

Applied Mathematics


The curriculum of the undergraduate program in Applied Mathematics has as its disciplinary pillars Mathematics, Computing and Mathematical Modeling, covering the most diverse disciplines, which provides knowledge of wide applicability.





Partial Time Professors

Manuals, Norms and Regulations

Here are collected all the pedagogical documents of the undergraduate program in Applied Mathematics at FGV. All the following documents are in Portuguese.

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