Aware of the growing demand in the job market for professionals capable of using mathematical techniques and increasingly sophisticated computational models, FGV EMAp prepares its students to work in strategic sectors of organizations, in addition to training them for academic research and consulting. FGV's School of Applied Mathematics has a diverse staff of teachers: Mathematics, Engineering, Computer Science, Biology, among other areas. This diversity for the undergraduate course is very relevant and enriching with regard to the versatility of contexts and applications. The professional trained by FGV EMAp can apply informational and computational mathematical techniques in activities as diverse as the financial market, fighting crime, mapping socioeconomic trends and understanding the dynamics of the spread of infectious diseases, contributing, for example, to public and private organizations in its environmental monitoring, scenario analysis, strategic planning and  risk management sectors.


Mathematics, Computing and Mathematical Modeling.


•    Modeling of socioeconomic systems;
•    Formal knowledge representations;
•    Extraction, analysis and visualization of large data;
•    Text processing and analysis;
•    Support for the creation of public policies in Health, Security, Demography, Urbanism, among other areas;
•    Environmental monitoring;
•    Finance and Insurance.


Since the General Course Index (IGC) was created in 2007, released annually by the Ministry of Education (MEC), it has assessed the quality of all undergraduate and graduate stricto sensu courses (master's and doctorate) of each university, university center or college in the country, becoming the most important evaluation index in Brazil.


International Partnerships
Agreements with international institutions through which student exchanges are made possible and the credits for the educational experiences or courses undertaken abroad are granted  to the student; possibility of access to the AIESEC program - the largest student organization in the world.

Teacher availability
Most of the teachers - highly qualified - remain at FGV full time, offering flexibility and opportunities for informal living.

Didactic Content
Programs developed by specialists, based on current bibliography, in some cases produced especially for our courses.