The undergraduate program on Data Science at FGV was designed to tbroaden the horizon of students interested in pursuing an innovative, modern and high-impact career in today's world. The program aims to offer students the skills and competencies necessary to work in environments dependent on intensive data analysis and information generation for decision making: technology companies, electronic marketplace, investment banks, fintechs, lawtechs, public offices, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), consulting, multinational companies, media and communication; in addition to providing a solid basis for them to pursue their academic careers as researchers.   Throughout the course, students will have contact with issues involving Machine Learning, Statistical Modeling, Natural Language Processing, Visualization, as well as applications to Epidemiology, Economics and Finance etc. The program also opens space for multidisciplinary research topics in areas such as Social and Political Sciences and Law, among others.


Why choose FGV EMAp?

The graduation in Data Science offered by FGV EMAp has as main objective to ensure that all graduates have the necessary instruments to make the best professional choices and build their own, productive and creative trajectory. To this end, the course includes workshops aimed at developing professional skills and competences, using participatory methods in the classroom and exchange opportunities abroad. Adding to all the above, the graduation faculty members have studied at some of the most respected international and national institutions.  



- Professional skills

Since the beginning of the course, students are prepared for professional practice in a diverse range of careers. They acquire a repertoire of concepts, methods and techniques in Mathematics, Statistics and Computing to provide advice, make qualified analyzes of data sets, work in teams, write reports and scientific articles and produce, manage and analyze large databases. At the end of the course, students will be qualified to perform these tasks proficiently in business and academic environments. Our role is to ensure that all graduates have the necessary tools to make the best professional choices and build their own, productive and creative trajectory.  

- Internationalization

The course was developed with the aim of preparing students to achieve successful careers. To this end, the School has extensive international connections, creating exchange possibilities for students at the best universities around the world. The School also prepares students to apply for internship and postgraduate degrees abroad.

- Qualified teaching staff

Our professors obtained their respective doctorates and / or post-doctorates from renowned foreign universities. In addition to academic excellence, the faculty is characterized by experience in applied research, as well as participation in consultancies for private companies and the government.  

- Methodology
The course is at the frontier of knowledge, placing students in the position of protagonists of their own learning process. Engagement with the content taught in the disciplines takes place through participatory teaching methods. Students implement the models and techniques discussed in real cases, presenting and discussing their results, thus strengthening their secondary skills essential to the market today.

What are the fields of activity?

  • Multinational companies and startups;
  • Retail and e-commerce;
  • Technology companies;
  • Consultancies;
  • Financial market: investment banks; Fintechs; Commercial banks; Pension funds;
  • Pharmaceutical and health industry;
  • Public positions in the federal, state and municipal government.



The table below shows the tuition fee for the year 2020:



Graduation in Data Science (2020)

R$ 3.000,00