Extracting mobility information from CDRs and using it towards achieving enhanced dissemination in wireless networks


Rachit Agarwal


Praia de Botafogo, 190 - sala 317


3 de Agosto de 2017 às 16h

In a network of devices in close proximity such as Device to Device (D2D) communication network, we study the dissemination of public safety information at country scale. In order to provide a realistic model for the information dissemination, we extract a spatial distribution of the population of Ivory Coast from census data and determine migration pattern from the Call Detail Records (CDR) obtained during the Data for Development (D4D) challenge. We later apply epidemic model towards the information dissemination process based on the spatial properties of the user mobility extracted from the provided CDR. We then propose enhancements by adding latent states to the epidemic model in order to model more realistic user dynamics. Finally, we study dynamics of the evolution of the information spreading through the population.

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Rachit Agarwal obtained his PhD in Computer Science and Telecommunications at the University of Pierre and Marie Curie, Paris in 2013 with the lab situated at Telecom SudParis. His thesis title was "Towards Enhancing Information Dissemination in Wireless Networks". His research interests mainly span the areas related to ICT, especially relating to Internet of Things (IoT). To be specific, within IoT, he is interested in Human Mobility aspects, Semantic technologies for storing IoT data, Network Science, and Smart Cities. His aim is to build middleware solutions that enable ubiquitous/large-scale computing and that can be easily deployed. Since February 2014, he holds a Post-doc/Researcher Engineer position at Inria-Paris and is associated to the MiMove research team within Inria. At Inria, he is currently involved in EU H2020 project called FIESTA-IoT (acronymed for Federated Interoperable Semantic IoT/cloud Testbeds and Applications). In past he was involved in successful EIT digital's 3cixty project that aimed to provide personalized view of the city to the traveler. He was also a co-PI for the Sarathi Associate team (a team of researchers from Inria and IIIT Delhi) that aims to build recommendation system to provide the commuters within a city recommendations on their travel routes. Rachit has currently authored and co-authored many papers, research reports and software. He is also currently serving as a reviewer to many international journals and conferences. Along with 3cixty consortium members, he has also won the 2015 semantic web challenge.